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Machine-learning Support to Individual Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive... » Isaúde
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Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders
2017-10-01 05:00:00

Machine-learning Support to Individual Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Multimodal MRI and Cognitive Assessments

Descrição: Background: Understanding whether the cognitive profile of a patient indicates mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or performance levels within normality is often a clinical challenge. The use of resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (RS-fMRI) and machine learning may represent valid aids in clinical settings for the identification of MCI patients. Methods: Machine-learning models were computed to test the classificatory accuracy of cognitive, volumetric [structural magnetic resonance imaging (sMRI)] and blood oxygen level dependent-connectivity (extracted from RS-fMRI) features, in single-modality and mixed classifiers. Results: The best and most significant classifier was the RS-fMRI+Cognitive mixed classifier (94% accuracy), whereas the worst performing was the sMRI classifier (-80%). The mixed global (sMRI+RS-fMRI+Cognitive) had a slightly lower accuracy (-90%), although not statistically different from the mixed RS-fMRI+Cognitive classifier. The most important cognitive features were indices of declarative memory and semantic processing. The crucial volumetric feature was the hippocampus. The RS-fMRI features selected by the algorithms were heavily based on the connectivity of mediotemporal, left temporal, and other neocortical regions. Conclusion: Feature selection was profoundly driven by statistical independence. Some features showed no between-group differences, or showed a trend in either direction. This indicates that clinically relevant brain alterations typical of MCI might be subtle and not inferable from group analysis.

Seção: Original Articles
Volume: 0
Autor: Stonnington, Cynthia M.; Harel, Brian; Locke, Dona E.C.; Hentz, Joseph G.; Zhang, Nan; Maruff, Paul; Caselli, Richard J.

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