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Rumen microbial and fermentation characteristicsare affected... » Isaúde
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BMC microbiology [electronic resource]
2012-07-20 03:30:34

Rumen microbial and fermentation characteristicsare affected differently by bacterial probioticsupplementation during induced lactic and subacuteacidosis in sheep

Descrição: Background:Ruminal disbiosis induced by feeding is the cause of ruminal acidosis, a digestive disorderprevalent in high-producing ruminants. Because probiotic microorganisms can modulate thegastrointestinal microbiota, propionibacteria- and lactobacilli-based probiotics were tested fortheir effectiveness in preventing different forms of acidosis.Results:Lactic acidosis, butyric and propionic subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) were induced byfeed challenge in three groups of four wethers intraruminally dosed with wheat, corn or beetpulp. In each group, wethers were either not supplemented (C) or supplemented withPropionibacterium P63 alone (P) or combined with L. plantarum (Lp + P) or L. rhamnosus(Lr + P). Compared with C, all the probiotics stimulated lactobacilli proliferation, whichreached up to 25% of total bacteria during wheat-induced lactic acidosis. This induced a largeincrease in lactate concentration, which decreased ruminal pH. During the corn-inducedbutyric SARA, Lp + P decreased Prevotella spp. proportion with a concomitant decrease inmicrobial amylase activity and total volatile fatty acids concentration, and an increase inxylanase activity and pH. Relative to the beet pulp-induced propionic SARA, P and Lr + Pimproved ruminal pH without affecting the microbial or fermentation characteristics.Regardless of acidosis type, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis revealed that probioticsupplementations modified the bacterial community structure.Conclusion:This work showed that the effectiveness of the bacterial probiotics tested depended on theacidosis type. Although these probiotics were ineffective in lactic acidosis because of adeeply disturbed rumen microbiota, some of the probiotics tested may be useful to minimizethe occurrence of butyric and propionic SARA in sheep. However, their modes of action needto be further investigated.

Identificador: doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-142
Volume: 0
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