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Association between cagA and vacA genotypes andpathogenesis in a... » Isaúde
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BMC microbiology [electronic resource]
2012-07-03 03:28:10

Association between cagA and vacA genotypes andpathogenesis in a Helicobacter pylori infectedpopulation from South-eastern Sweden

Descrição: Background:Chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, and gastric cancer have been shown to be related toinfection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Two major virulence factors of H. pylori,CagA and VacA, have been associated with these sequelae of the infection. In this study, totalDNA was isolated from gastric biopsy specimens to assess the cagA and vacA genotypes.Results:Variations in H. pylori cagA EPIYA motifs and the mosaic structure of vacA s/m/i/dayregions were analysed in 155 H. pylori-positive gastric biopsies from 71 individuals usingPCR and sequencing. Analysis of a possible association between cagA and vacA genotypesand gastroduodenal pathogenesis was made by logistic regression analysis. We found that H. pylori strains with variation in the number of cagA EPIYA motif variants present in the samebiopsy correlated with peptic ulcer, while occurrence of two or more EPIYA-C motifs wasassociated with atrophy in the gastric mucosa. No statistically significant relation betweenvacA genotypes and gastroduodenal pathogenesis was observed.Conclusions:The results of this study indicate that cagA genotypes may be important determinants in thedevelopment of gastroduodenal sequelae of H. pylori infection. In contrast to other studies,vacA genotypes were not related to disease progression or outcome. In order to fullyunderstand the relations between cagA, vacA and gastroduodenal pathogenesis, themechanisms by which CagA and VacA act and interact need to be further investigated.

Identificador: doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-129
Volume: 0
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