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A novel bacteriophage KSL-1 of 2-keto-gluconic acidproducer... » Isaúde
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BMC microbiology [electronic resource]
2012-06-30 03:27:48

A novel bacteriophage KSL-1 of 2-keto-gluconic acidproducer pseudomonas fluorescens K1005: isolation,characterization and its remedial action

Descrição: Background:Bacteriophages have the destructive damage on the industrial bioprocess. 2-Keto-gluconicacid (2KGA) producing bacteria had also been attacked and lysed by bacteriophages whichlowered the glucose consumption and 2KGA yield and even stopped the fermentationprocess. In this study, we presented the characteristics of a novel virulent bacteriophagespecifically infecting Pseudomonas fluorescens K1005 and proposed an efficient remedialaction for this phage infection to reduce the production loss.Results:The phage KSL-1 of Pseudomonas fluorescens K1005 was isolated from abnormal 2KGAfermentation broth. It belonged to the Siphoviridae family with a hexagonal head diameter ofabout 99 nm and a non-contractile tail of about 103 nm x 39 nm. The genome size of phageKSL-1 was estimated to be approximately 53 kbp. Its optimal MOI to infect P. fluorescensK1005 was about 0.001. One-step growth curve gave its latent and burst periods of 90 minand 75 min with a burst size of 52 phage particles per infected cell. This phage was stablewith a pH range of 7.0-10.0, and sensitive to thermal treatment. Finally, a simple remedialaction was proposed by feeding fresh seed culture. Compared with the infected 2KGAfermentation, the remedial experiments restored 2KGA fermentation performance byincreasing the produced 2KGA concentration to 159.89 g/L and shortening the totalfermentation time of 80 h with the productivity and yield of 2.0 g/L.h and 0.89 g/g. Theobtained data proved that this method was effective to combat the phage infections problemsduring the 2KGA fermentation.Conclusion:The phage KSL-1 was a novel bacteriophage specifically infecting Pseudomonas fluorescensK1005. The remedial action of feeding fresh seed culture to the infected broth was an easilyoperatingand effective method to maintain a high 2KGA yield and avoid the draft of infectedbroth.

Identificador: doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-127
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