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Bacillus cereus fnr binds a [4Fe-4 S] cluster andforms a ternary... » Isaúde
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BMC microbiology [electronic resource]
2012-06-26 03:45:11

Bacillus cereus fnr binds a [4Fe-4 S] cluster andforms a ternary complex with ResD and PlcR

Descrição: Background:Bacillus cereus is a facultative anaerobe that causes diarrheal disease in humans. Diarrhealsyndrome may result from the secretion of various virulence factors including hemolysin BLand nonhemolytic enterotoxin Nhe. Expression of genes encoding Hbl and Nhe is regulatedby the two redox systems, ResDE and Fnr, and the virulence regulator PlcR. B. cereus Fnr isa member of the Crp/Fnr family of iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins. Only its apo-form has so farbeen studied. A major goal in deciphering the Fnr-dependent regulation of enterotoxin genesis thus to obtain and characterize holoFnr.Results:Fnr has been subjected to in vitro Fe-S cluster reconstitution under anoxic conditions. UVvisibleand EPR spectroscopic analyses together with the chemical estimation of the ironcontent indicated that Fnr binds one [4Fe-4 S]2+ cluster per monomer. Atmospheric O2 causesdisassembly of the Fe-S cluster, which exhibited a half-life of 15 min in air. Holo- andapoFnr have similar affinities for the nhe and hbl promoter regions, while holoFnr has ahigher affinity for fnr promoter region than apoFnr. Both the apo- and holo-form of Fnrinteract with ResD and PlcR to form a ternary complex.Conclusions:Overall, this work shows that incorporation of the [4Fe-4 S]2+ cluster is not required for DNAbinding of Fnr to promoter regions of hbl and nhe enterotoxin genes or for the formation of aternary complex with ResD and PlcR. This points to some new unusual properties of Fnr thatmay have physiological relevance in the redox regulation of enterotoxin gene regulation.

Identificador: doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-125
Volume: 0
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