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There were found 10 Ohio State University
Device technology can detect proteins that the body produces when it is starting to reject a transplanted organ
Apigenin, abundant in the Mediterranean diet, reeducates cancer cells in normal cells that die in a programmed
Research shows that mood enhancers can improve decision-making ability and working memory in elderly
The treatment reduced his destructive behavior and allowed the formerly nonverbal boy to speak a few words
Findings may determine how patients will respond to certain drugs for psychiatric disorders, say researchers
Capsules reduced oxidative stress, caused by excess free radicals and restores telomeres shortening with age
Technique is safer, cause less risk of complications and reduced length of stay for patients, new research shows
Elimination of JNK3 reduced enzyme in the presence of 90% beta amyloid peptides responsible for plaque formation in the brain
Researchers from Ohio University say that mice tested had lost about 20% of belly fat after 80 days of treatment
Students who meet to play violent video games show behavioral signs more cooperative and less aggressive
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