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Method uses infrared light to show how different parts of the brain react when a related area is stimulated
The smoke that you inhale with the burning of the stone has quick effect. The more smoke, the faster this purpose
Origin of an innate ability the brain has to protect itself from damage after stroke has been explained for the first time
Research suggests that cholesterol is extremely important to the body, and particularly for the development and function of brain
Researchers from Germany researchers have found new nerve cells in the brain that regulate heart function
Brazilian researchers demonstrate how neurons interrupt the cell death caused by Alzheimer's and epilepsy
Research will improve understanding of diseases linked to nerve cells in the brain, such as dementia and Parkinson
Study shows that protein found in embryonic cells can behave as neurons, being capable of transmit electrical signs
New model human brain cells will allow testing for the first time, novel treatments for Huntington's disease
New method causes cells to mature faster, safer making transplantation and reducing the risk of tumors
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