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Study suggests that mind-body interaction dynamics during stress promotes interpretation of anxiety symptoms
Psychologists look for the changes that happen in a woman's brain during pregnancy, the period of massive hormonal fluctuations
According to research, the therapeutic method avoids the negative side effects caused by drugs
Crossing the data from 30 studies shows that music lifts their spirits, improves breathing and blood pressure in the works
Studies analyzing the effects of exercise on mood in women smokers and the desire to light a cigarette
Cartoons of national and international artists encourage disease prevention and fight against prejudice
Activity of potassium channel TREK1 has been associated with mood regulation and may be target for drugs based on fluoxetine
According to expert, these episodes may follow one another or, more often, they are followed by periods of euthymia
The researchers studied the safety and efficacy of psilocybin, a hallucinogen with some effects similar to LSD
Project developed by two teams of the Medical School of USP receives UNESCO award
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