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There were found 10 mitochondria
National Institutes of Health researchers showed that brief bursts chemical energy coming from mitochondria
Researchers found that cell "maternal" provides more internal structures essential for survival of his "creates"
Research that contradicts scientific papers suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction is responsible for the onset of the disease
The new approach gives a model stem cell-derived cells for the study of neurodegenerative diseases
Discovery of the complex has a direct impact on the current anticancer therapies and the establishment of new treatments
Finding may lead to drugs to increase the activity of SIRT3 múculoesqueléticas cells and fight disease
Study shows that enzymes found in mitochondria have implications for cancer and other age-related diseases
Nutrients found in leafy green reduces heart damage caused by the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin
Discovery is of potential importance for the understanding of both hereditary diseases and age-related
Nitrate - found in spinach, lettuce and beet - had a significant effect on blood pressure regulation and metabolism
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