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Technology allows the surgeon to guide the laser beam and cut the skull bone in a less invasive and safer than the trephine
Method applies laser on suspected area and examines pattern of the reflected light to distinguish malignant and benign lesions
Scientists in the US have developed a laser that can locate, map, and then precisely destroy cancer tumors non-invasively
Laser technology uses low intensity to cause reversible opening of the pores, allowing the passage of drug
Acceleration of ions using shock waves generated by intense lasers can reduce cost and size of the accelerators
New laser instrument could be first non-destructive method to check whether the packaging has the correct gas content
Infra-red beam penetrates the skin, with minimal damage on the way to reach and destroy the deepest pockets of fat
Therapy stimulates migration of stem cells from bone marrow to help repair damaged tissue after heart attack
Researchers were able to see the whole process done by an enzyme that repairs DNA damaged by UV radiation
Manipulation optoelectrical hybrid microfluidic droplet allows you to move with precision or individual molecule inside a droplet
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