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There were found 10 influenza vaccination
New this year is the inclusion of the group of women who gave birth within 45 days of prison inmates and among the target population
One new feature announced is the inclusion of women in puerperium in priority groups for vaccination
Campaign against influenza is anticipated in the southern states; vaccination D Day is scheduled for April 20
The three states will receive 7.7 million doses, with 3.1 million to the RS, for PR 2.8 million and 1.8 million to SC
Until last Friday, the 1st, had been vaccinated for paulista 4.57 million, which represents 67% of the target
According to the Department of Health, the overall goal for the state capital was to immunize 176,300 people, 80% of the target
Throughout the state, 62 counties failed to meet the target, including the state capital, with 67% coverage of vaccination
In the state, the campaign managed to immunize 795,933 people so far, representing just over 86% of the target
Balance MS released a day before the end of the campaign shows that immunization reached 68.34% of the target audience in the country
Campaign, which began on May 5, runs to the 25th of this month. Government's goal is to vaccinate 80% of target audience
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