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Florentino Cardoso, oncological surgeon, president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and Joseph Bonamigo and clinical hematologist, treasurer of the AMA.
According to the organization, the ministry stopped using £ 17 billion of the budget between the years 2011 and 2012
The proposal is the result of a meeting held between representatives of the entity and the Minister of Health on Wednesday
Article signed by the presidents of the APM and the AMA says that this is not the thought of all Brazilian doctors
Florentino Cardoso, president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB).
Idea is to promote, through a website, an educational and encourage permanent change in habits among Brazilians
Florentino Cardoso, oncological surgeon and president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB). José Bonamigo, clinical hematologist and treasurer of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB).
According to AMB, "there are also excesses in Brazil" and best country should invest in improving existing medical schools
The statement is the president of the NGO Brazil Without Abortion, Lenise Garcia, outlining a possible scenario with the new Penal Code
Florentino Cardoso, President and Jorge Curi, Vice-President of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMA).
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