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There were found 10 CT
For every 1,800 people who underwent CT before 20 years of age, there was one extra case of cancer in the next 10 years
Study international, integrated by InCor institutions and seven other countries, used the CT of 320 cuts
Project has performed over 56,000 examinations throughout the state; Japeri residents will be served until July 7
Examination shows little used in country areas of the heart muscle not identified by other diagnostic
Lawsuit filed by MPF requires, within 30 days, the test in patients with lung cancer, esophagus, skin or lymphoma
We still need an endoscopy to confirm the good news, but the results have confirmed the CT scan, doctors say
Program takes two to three minutes to evaluate tests, a process that currently takes up to three hours
It will also be subjected to some tests, such as laryngoscopy and CT to assess the results obtained so far
Resonance and tomography eliminate need for removal and dissection of the bodies that cause more pain to the families of the dead
He also underwent a positron emission tomography to rule out tumor spread to other parts of the body
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