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There were found 10 Childhood obesity
The largest deviations are in countries of low and middle income countries. 75% of children are overweight in developing countries
My research program saucer Healthy notes that 19% were overweight and 26% were classified as obese
Studies suggest that a number of genetic variants both rare and common is responsible for obesity in children
Approved projects banning food advertising aimed at children and giveaways in fast food, encouraging consumption
The new simple formula can predict at birth a baby's likelihood of becoming obese in childhood, say researchers
USP Research shows that emotional factors and personality traits can lead to childhood obesity
Research shows that parents' style, if they are stricter or more permissive, is crucial to the sedentary lifestyle of children
Researches say increase in number of hospitalizations may be due in part to high rates of childhood obesity
Survey shows role of genetic variants OLFM4 and HOXB5, which until now had not been associated with obesity
Unicamp outpatient treat obese children and adolescents changing food habits and routine of the whole family
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