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Research on impact of climate on dengue cases appearing analyzes according to meteorological variables
Proximity to the carnival capital Rio mobilizes health workers in search of outbreaks of mosquito breeding and
According to research, Brazil is well informed in all regions, the challenge is to put the knowledge into practice
Method applies chemicals that prevent mosquitoes from entering male 'plug' to put sperm into the female's body
Goal is to reinforce the importance of the involvement of the population with daily measures of prevention against the disease
Lasting 30 seconds, the connection provides tips to protect home and avoid the formation of breeding within the home
Government approved the instruction and supervision, alleging that the medical use of the plant is necessary in some cases
The discovery may enable the understanding and treatment of disorders of introspection, such as autism
Six people died in the state this year due to complications resulting from infection by the dengue mosquito
According to coordinator, increased rainfall for four months now favors the proliferation of breeding sites for Aedes aegypti
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