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There were found 10 avian flu
International experts recommend continued vigilance and a restructuring of markets to combat the threat
Within poultry virus strain H7N9, H7N7 and H9N2 genes exchanged between themselves, resulting in virus capable of infecting human
New approach can help control the virus that has killed 32 in China and avoid a potential pandemic
According to information from the National Health Chinese were already recorded 128 cases of infection and 26 deaths
Authorities confirmed six new cases of avian influenza. A total of 102 cases of the disease have been reported in the country
On Sunday, the Shanghai municipality reported 24 cases of infection. Total number of people killed by the flu reaches 13
Five new cases of H7N9 infection were reported, bringing the total number of infected people in China to 38
The death toll in eastern China due to the H7N9 reaches seven and there are 24 positive cases, of which 21 are in serious condition
UN body also draws attention to the occurrence of influenza H5N1, a virus that can be transmitted to humans
Research shows that protein has the potential to "turn off" the main functions of the swine flu virus and avian
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