Stressful situations alter immune system function and hormone levels of women, but not men, suggest research
08/07/2014 | 07:34:00      Editoria: General      Especialidade: Geral
Choline intake that is higher than what is generally recommended during pregnancy may improve how a child responds to stress
07/07/2014 | 11:50:00      Editoria: Science and Technology      Especialidade: Geral
Zebularina chemotherapy and methotrexate are effective in smaller doses than when administered separately
07/07/2014 | 09:39:00      Editoria: Public Health      Especialidade: Geral     Multimídia:   Matria com fotos
According to the Ministry of Health, the text is still in production and there is no estimate of when it will be ready
08/05/2014 | 08:51:00      Editoria: Public Health      Especialidade: Pneumologia     Multimídia:   Matria com fotos
Prosthesis developed at the engineering school of the Unicamp can help treat patients with problems in the knee cartilage
05/05/2014 | 17:23:00      Editoria: General      Especialidade: Geral     Multimídia:   Matria com fotos
By 2014, the state will invest more than $ 37 million in health, public safety and professional training
03/05/2014 | 13:31:00      Editoria: Public Health      Especialidade: Geral
Eight hospitals will benefit. Only HC USP will have $ 137.7 million for works of reform, modernization and extensions
09/04/2014 | 17:53:00      Editoria: General      Especialidade: Geral     Multimídia:   Matria com fotos
Research shows that drugs helped prevent disease progression in patients undergoing bone marrow transplant
07/03/2014 | 08:51:00      Editoria: General      Especialidade: Farmácia
Study showed good results in animal tests; substance in the blood is effective in treating nerve injuries
06/03/2014 | 10:48:00      Editoria: General      Especialidade: Farmácia
During a meeting in Paraguay, representatives discuss proposals to improve patient care
03/03/2014 | 10:35:00      Editoria: Public Health      Especialidade: Geral     Multimídia:   Matria com fotos
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