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Health Councils are inefficient and do not represent the population

Survey of 51 directors shows that they feel lost and handled. Half unknown user rights SUS

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Research of the Faculty of Health shows that in the vicinity of the DF, the Municipal Health Councils (CMS), designed to make the social control of the Unified Health System (SUS), are inefficient, untrained and trained by people with little popular participation varied . Missing training programs for directors and there is little representation of women, blacks and Indians in the meetings.

The health council is a permanent body shall, with the function of acting in the formulation of strategies and controls the implementation of health policy, including in economic and financial aspects. All municipalities in the country have a board of health. The councils need to have government representatives, health professionals and the community. In his doctoral thesis, the researcher Marcio Pereira interviewed 52 counselors from 20 municipalities of the Integrated Network Development (Ride) of the Federal District, which includes the DF over the surrounding municipalities. He wanted to see the profile of directors and the organization of the councils.

Márcio found that 41% of respondents know little about health policy in the country. The percentage of those who know little or nothing about the rights of citizens is even greater: 54.9%. The number of those who understand the importance of social participation is also low. Only 25.5% of advisors appreciate the participation of people in decisions. These numbers even more impressive when considering the educational level of Advisors: 80% of them finished high school. Half of these, 40% have higher education qualifications.

According to Marcio, the cause of so much disinformation is the lack of training for directors. Of the 51 respondents, only five received some type of specific training. We lack information even about the duties of directors. They feel lost and manipulated out. According to him, continuing education programs can solve the problem and increase the capacity of advisors to decide.


Another fact revealed in the survey is the lack of diversity among directors. Males represented 59.6% of respondents. Most (65.3%) have between 30 and 49 years. More than half (61.5%) are civil servants and 51% entered the council through indication of the Municipal Health

"This is a power elite, to the exclusion of women, youth, blacks and Indians," he criticizes. Márcio argues that it is necessary to reverse this situation by promoting the democracy of knowledge. "There is increased power without increasing the knowledge. We must recognize the importance of diversity," he says.

One reason for the low diversity is the fact that councils are spaces unknown to most people. "Popular participation is embryonic, because of the difficulty of the councils to disseminate their work and ensure the community approach," he explains.

This framework makes the strength of democracy in the councils is low. The boards are focused on bureaucratic activity to validate the actions of hospitals. "The logic of market efficiency prevails over the idea of social participation. It's like there's no time for democracy," he says. Without proper training on their role, the counselor can not exercise its power to decide on the basis of public interest. "He is between a rock and a sword. Do not know if the claims manager or the user's system," he says.

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