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Fatherhood is the result of man's experiences as a child

According to research by the USP, men can increase uncertainty and even jealousy during partner's pregnancy

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The situations and experiences that a child lived with his family directly affects their behavior when he becomes a father. At the School of Public Health (FSP), USP, the psychologist whom Rubens Maciel studied the typical experiences lived by the man who is expecting her first child. He says fatherhood is a subject very little discussed in theses, especially from the standpoint of psychoanalysis. These studies are scarce, no experts on the subject, he says. The doctoral thesis of psychic experiences of fatherhood man waiting in the FSP was presented after a year and a half of research.

To do a full analysis of the behavior of four parents aged between 25 and 40, all with a steady relationship and living in the city of São Paulo, Maciel was used in three categories. The first is the affective heritage, which, according to the psychologist, are the values ​​that children learn with their families. Tolerance, sensitivity, genuine interest, love and consideration are some of them. If a child has come from an unwanted pregnancy and the couple have stopped projects, she can receive a parental affective negative equity, he said. The researcher claims that such assets will give the child a sense of how it will be received in society.

The second category is the responsibility towards the children that requires maturity and emotional structure. And third, what is called Maciel unconscious desire. This will be the difference between mature parents and those less so, since this category is that the psychologist shows how important is the childhood of the man who will soon be a father. I interviewed men who are so needy and so distant that had parents that became a trademark for them. They were men who become fathers, but they were still children, needy and willing to love.

Errors and uncertainties

The survey also found that every life story generates an individuality. In cases in which family life was turbulent and in which there was conflict between parents, the man appeared to be less prepared to cope with the demands of parenthood. Those who had this identity had more anxieties and uncertainties. One case of a man who knew his father. In the interview, he said he only knew what was to be under the father of socio-cultural, but did not know how to exercise that function, says the psychologist. For those who had a less troubled family life had a stronger personality and were more prepared to play the role of father.

There, in the study, the finding that some parents also had a messianic sense in relation to children. These parents believe that in future parenthood will bring a state of great satisfaction, that will save them from their current problems and frustrations. They believe that the child will be the salvation of marriage, the pride and happiness of marriage. These expectations do not correspond to reality.

In their study, Maciel still evaluating that pregnancy is also a sensitive time for the man not only for paternity, but by the dispute that child care can provide. He said the men, a greater or lesser degree, when they feel frustrated and threatened by the presence of a baby. This happens to a greater extent in the more immature parents, who have doubts about paternity, he says.

Source: USP
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