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Project 'PSF Breast Friend' boosts breastfeeding

Initiative program professionals Family Health, the city of Montes Claros, benefiting mothers and babies

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Pediatricians Antonio Caldeira mastermind of the
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Pediatricians Antonio Caldeira mastermind of the "PSF Breast Friend"

An initiative of professionals working in the Family Health Program in the north of the state, won the Enio Lion, the State Department of Health The project PSF Friend Chest, developed by doctors and health workers, encouraged mothers to breastfeeding practices and transformed the reality of many mothers and their children in that region.

The work to encourage breastfeeding is developed by community health workers in ten of the 50 family health teams in the city. During home visits and monitoring of pregnant women in antenatal consultations are passed on information about the subject.

For the creator of the project and director of Health Care of the Municipal Health Montes Claros, pediatricians Antonio Caldeira, what happened was that most of the babies leave the hospital breastfeeding, but failed to suckle shortly after they went home. Many women have other children, peers do not cooperate and this complicates the maintenance of exclusive breastfeeding until six months, "he says.

After passing through a specific training all professionals working in health units were involved in the promotion of breastfeeding. "There is no teaching on the subject in undergraduate courses. With the skills we can make everyone speak the same language because there is consensus in the approach to pregnant women and families," ponders the pediatrician.

He also maintains that it is necessary that practitioners know the techniques learned to adapt to local realities. The doctor points out that in a health facility, the grandparents were the great obstacle to the continuation of exclusive breastfeeding when babies go home. The solution was to promote discussions on healthy eating and breastfeeding in diabetic and hypertensive groups, where there are large numbers of grandparents. The result was quite satisfactory.

Antonio Caldeira ensures that the participation of community health workers on the project was instrumental in the success of the initiative. The insertion of the myths and knowledge within that community, about provide greater chances of success for educational activities.


Source: AG MINAS
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