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SUS, health policy and relations with society XII contain the Enem

Block presented the last day of the twelfth Enem includes 40 proposals approved and disapproved five or withdrawn from the agenda

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The last day of activities at the XII National Meeting of Medical Entities (ENEM XII) ended with a plenary session in which the main proposals were approved by the medical institutions national Brazilian Medical Association (AMA), the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the National Federation of Doctors (Fenam). Topics covered included finance, management, the Family Health Strategy (FHS) and primary care, social control, relationship to society and medical movement.

This was part of the thematic group discussions on SUS, Health Policy and Relations with the Society, covering 40 proposals approved or disapproved and five withdrawn from the agenda. Among the proposals for funding, the highlight was the struggle for the passage of Constitutional Amendment 29 (which will favor the curtailment of 15% of the municipal budget, 12% and 10% of the state of the Union budget to the health sector).

Regarding the management and the FHS / primary care, prevailed in the struggle for qualification and for physicians to have the ESF employment tied to a Career Path, Jobs and Wages (PCCV). Besides these, support for medical students and residents through the National Association of Resident Doctors (ANMR) and stimulating the creation of a committee of political affairs at the state medical authorities have also been deliberate.

In the end, was written, read and approved by all the doctors attending the Brasilia Declaration, a document that meets all the demands of the category for years to come.


The meeting

The XII National Meeting of Medical Entities (Enem) was held 28-30 July, at the headquarters of the Medical Association of Brasilia (AMA), Brasilia (DF).

Three themes guided the agenda of discussions during the meeting of medical training, employment and remuneration, and SUS, health policies and relationship with society. On each day of the meeting, one of those issues was addressed through lectures, panel discussions, group work and discussions.

During the forum in Brasilia, the participants were able to evaluate proposals raised during three regional meetings prior - divided into blocks northeast (April 29 and May 1), South / Southeast (14 and 15 May) and the North / Midwest (4 and June 5) - and some state governments - such as Bahia, Pará, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul - who translated the visions and expectations of doctors who work in service to the population.

Among the resolutions adopted, is the holding of editions of the National Meeting of the Medical Entities every two years, with evaluation of the routing of the results of previous Enem.


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