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Alagoas streamlines deployment of the System Virtualization Process

There are vacancies for professionals and HR modules of Procedure and Process Virtual

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The Sector Coordinator of Personnel Management of Alagoas, along with the Sector Development and Health Education, reports that are vacancies for courses in Human Resources Modules and Virtual Procedure and Process. The implementation of the Administrative Process module will start on August 2nd and 9th will be the turn of the Human Resources module.

The initiative is part of actions for implementing the System of Administrative Virtualization (Integra) developed by the Department of Public Management (Segesp) and deployed as a pilot project in the Ministry of Health (Sesau).

The HR module is aimed at all professionals in the field of Personnel Management that work with information on the functional life of the server, training, holiday, vacation, information to generate payroll, shipments, stocking, redistribution among others, all the Health Units Sesau.

Already Module Virtual Procedure and Procedure will be turned to the professionals who deal with analysis and processing of administrative procedures, beyond those that have the prerogative to sign public documents of all superintendents, Coordination, management and advice of the organ.

The course will be held at the School of Government Germano Santos (EGGS), located at Rua do Livramento - Centro, Maceió (AL). The servers that participate in the training in both periods, have their coffee break and lunch available on site. Those responsible for areas shall forward the list of participants for sdes.alagoas @, broken down according to dates. More information, call 3315.1476.


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