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Health plans are $ 40 million to the NHS and will be enrolled in Debt

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Later this year, the National Health Agency (ANS) will enroll in the Debt Union health plan operators, who have accumulated debts of $ 40 million from the National Health System (SUS). Under Brazilian law, health plans are required to reimburse the NHS, where an insured relies on the public system, instead of being served by the private contracted.

The NSA did not, however, how many of the 1,480 carriers that operate in the Brazilian market will be included in Debt. According to ANS, the total debt of health plans with the NHS could reach £ 370 million. According to the new CEO of the agency, Ceschin Maurice, who took office today (16), in Rio de Janeiro, one of the priorities is to streamline the collection of such debt.

Currently, the average time between service use SUS and collection of debt is four years, because research is needed to know, for example, if the client was not in a grace period of the plan when he used the public service. Ceschin wants to reduce this time to a maximum of one year. "As the process is lengthy and complex, the recovery still takes a long time. My goal is to reach the end of my term, in two and a half years, with a maximum term of one year."

Over the past six years, only $ 115 million were paid by health plans to the SUS, by way of compensation. To expedite the process, the NSA has already hired 89 servers.

Another priority is the Ceschin concerns the high cost of health insurance plans for seniors. It is estimated that the number of elderly in the country will triple over the next 40 years. According Ceschin, this segment that, in general, receives less than workers on active duty, pays the tuition at more expensive health plans. Ceschin said the NSA is studying a way to finance the elderly by creating a sort of "health fund" which will comprise a percentage of tuition paid to private operators. When aging, the customer would have enough money to avoid paying tuition more expensive. "As part of what you pay for your future is capitalized, you tend to pay less in old age," explained Ceschin.

The NSA is also considering creating a system of health information in real time via the Internet, bringing together data on the health history of clients' health plans. According Ceschin with the system, the customer will have more freedom because you can access data that are now under control of physicians.


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