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U.S. city bans restaurants 'drive-thru' to tackle obesity

The high rate of obesity in the city was a key factor to combat the epidemic, according to city administration

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The city of Baldwin Park, California, which is considered the cradle of the restaurants 'drive-thru', just to prohibit, for a period of nine months, the inauguration and operation of restaurants and snack bars with this type of service.

The reasons which led the city government made this decision were the long queues of vehicles formed on the streets and in the main, the high rate of obesity. We expect that this prohibition ends with the image as a haven for fatty foods.

"We here in Baldwin Park we took the first steps to create a healthy community, and not allowing a greater number of drive-through install to the city, we will meet that goal," said planning expert, Salvador Lopez, who helped drafting the ordinance that takes effect on the fourth weekend of July.

It is estimated that nearly half the population of the city, approximately 90 000 inhabitants, is obese.

Since 2003, the city takes steps to combat obesity. That year, he was banned from the proibido o consumo de refrigerantes nas escolas elementary and high school, as they consider childhood obesity as an epidemic.

In 2005, the city again took another extreme measure to try to combat this epidemic. Poribiu also the consumption of junk food in those same schools. But the law came into force in 2007 smente establishing limits fat and sugar and portion size of all food sold a la carte, on machines or school stores, canteens or in schools.

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