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CFM wants more transparency in the relationship with the pharmaceutical industry

Of great concern to Council is to ensure compliance with the ethical standards of professional practice

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The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) plans to work for adoption of measures that will contribute to more transparent and ethical performance of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to the doctor. Currently, the organization articulates with representatives of the productive sector to formulate protocol where possible excesses and abuses committed by the professionals in medicine.

From the standpoint of regulation of medical work had already taken some important steps with the improvement of existing rules in the Code of Medical Ethics, which establishes criteria for the professional relationship with industry and commerce. Recently, it was also approved in February a resolution that prohibits the distribution CFM professionals coupons and discount cards in medicines.

The concern of the CFM is to ensure compliance with the ethical standards of professional practice, which advises the relationship with industry and trade in expectation of receiving benefits or profit. "There can be no prescription or medical indication in the benevolence treats or gifts," the organization's president, Luiz Roberto Avila.

The protocol is still in preparation. However, since some points provided for in the document. For example, sponsorship of travel should be done only for the professional who will provide services for the pharmaceutical industry. Will still be essential that the physician makes clear its relationship with the company when making a speech or publishing an article. For the president of CFM, with the measures, the rules will be transparent and clear, which will benefit to the productive sector, professionals and patients.


In an interview, President Rberto Avila explains the position of the entity:

What is the importance of discussing the relationship between the physician and the pharmaceutical industry?

"The main concern is that doctors do not feel influenced by any form of advertising or stay on suspicion of receiving benefits. The idea is to set limits and rules for the advertising action practiced by the pharmaceutical industry to avoid offering benefits. The physician should work be guided by their code of ethical conduct, without any possibility of suspicion or link between the professional and industry failing to set clear conflict of interest. "

How is the process of formulating that agreement?

"We're currently in discussions with industry representatives. This is a tough subject because we know that involves many interests, including commercial. We also believe that industry and commerce have their code of ethics, like doctors have their . However, the provision of benefits is inadequate. They are sectors that need to establish a coexistence based on clear rules and ethics, be explicit in which there is no possibility of influence that impacts on care provided. What must be sought is the benefit of patient above all else. Such comfort and security on the other hand, resonate positively within the sector and will impact on competitiveness across industries. "

What is the expectation of CFM?

"Our priority is to ensure transparency in the relationship between occupational medicine and the representative of the business sector. We also want to ensure complete compliance with all ethical norms. Finally, we reiterate - again - that these actions are aimed at the practice of good medicine, with the unequivocal benefit of the patient. This should be preserved and is above everything. The rules exist to ensure that the patient is the sole beneficiary of the relationship between physicians and industry. "

This concern is part of the CFM in what context?

"The Federal Medical Council regulates the activity of medicine and professional practice of physicians through standards. Anvisa already sets standards for the pharmaceutical industry. That is, there are regulations on both sides. The Code of Medical Ethics has articles that address this theme, only in generic form. The same occurs with the standards of Anvisa for the industry. However, even with the existence of standards, there are excesses, there are loopholes used by marketing departments dfe laboratories. This has involved in inappropriate actions, which , in the end, harm the patient. "

What is the concern of CFM?

"We work to ensure the greatest benefit to the patient. That is, the industry has an ethical obligation to also offer the best product at a good price. The doctor is an intermediary between the patient and the remedy for that reason it can not receive any benefit or advantage. Who should be benefited is the patient. Yet the industry spends up to 30% of the drug with their propaganda. Why not change this reduction in investment values, prices at the counter of pharmacies Why not withdraw the cost of production spreadsheets and offer a product up to 30% cheaper "Our position is not isolated. The whole world moves in that direction. In Europe and the United States were recently adopted measures restricting the action of the aggressive marketing of laboratories . In Brazil, there should be different. "

Source: CFM
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