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BPA is committed to develop proposals for addicts

Representative of the BPA has criticized the federal government "by the policy that results in lack of assistance and cost thousands of victims"

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The Brazilian Psychiatric Association participated, on Tuesday (11), a public hearing at the Permanent Subcommittee on Promotion, Protection and Health Monitoring, linked to the Social Affairs Committee of the Senate. The activity raised the issue of advancement and the risk of crack consumption in Brazil.

The representative of the BPA was Ronaldo Laranjeira, vice chair, Department of Chemical Dependency Association and the coordinator of the Research Unit on Alcohol and Drugs Unifesp and researcher at the National Institute of Drug and Alcohol Policy. He said the participation resonated well among lawmakers. The audience was very good. In what was possible, show the inconsistencies of drug and alcohol policy, which is based solely on the Caps, he said.

In his presentation, Laranjeira criticized the federal government, saying the Ministry of Health opted for a policy that results in lack of assistance and cost thousands of victims. He stated that to obtain good therapeutic results is necessary to admit that drug treatment is complex and requires a complete network intervention of patient care.

According to a survey presented last week at the launch of the Parliamentary Front Against Crack, the number of users in Brazil is approximately 1.2 million and the average age for onset of alcohol consumption is 13 years.

The psychiatrist defended the use of multiple instruments for the treatment of addicted to crack. He said the Ministry of Health decided to fund only the services of Caps. Orange argued that addiction to crack is too serious to be resolved only as outpatients. The user often needs to be hospitalized, especially in the most acute phase of treatment, and only one clinic can offer more intensive care, he said.

In presenting a study conducted in the state of Sao Paulo with 131 crack users, the chairman of psychiatry said that after five years of consumption, about 25% of them had died, most due to "violent death" (which includes such causes as homicide, drug overdose and drowning).

At the end of the meeting, Senator Flávio Arns asked the representative of the BPA production, within one month of a proposal for the treatment of chemical dependency in Brazil, which can be transformed into Law Project We are delighted with this initiative Senate to hear psychiatrists and enhance technical expertise. We have already offered to collaborate in the production of the guidelines within the timeframe requested, said Joao Alberto Carvalho, president of BPA.

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