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Accreditation of cardiovascular surgeons turn to be discussed

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Doctors perform heart surgery
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Doctors perform heart surgery

The Regional Medical Council of Goiás (Cremego) promoted nine days, the second round of talks in search of solution to the mass disqualification of cardiovascular surgeons in the capital of the Unified Health System (SUS). Since early February, the 20 physicians from the Cooperative Cardiovascular Surgeons of Goiás (Copaccardio), ceased to operate by the SUS. Only two surgeons continue to meet public patients in Goiania.

Worried about the situation, the president of Cremego Solomon Rodrigues Filho, invited representatives of Copaccardio, the Association of Hospitals of the State of Goiás (Aheg), the Secretary of Health, Goiânia, Paul Rassi, and Secretary State Health Irani Ribeiro Moura, to discuss a solution that guarantees the return of Accredited doctors to work and normalize the population assistance.

Also present at the meeting, the officers and directors Hector Celio de Paula, Ciro Ricardo Pires de Castro, Fernando de Siqueira Neves Paceli, Livia Barros Waiter, Lueiz Canêdo Amorim, Robson Azevedo, Rodrigo Fonseca and Mariano Leonardo Reis, president of the Association of Physicians of State of Goiás

Claiming the extreme gap in the schedule of fees of SUS, cardiovascular surgeons condition the resumption of service to the assimilation of these values ​​to the Brazilian Hierarchy Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM). Thus, doctors' fees would go from the current 894 reais for about $ 6000.

All meeting participants considered a legitimate activity, but the secretaries claimed difficulties to meet the request. According to Paul Rassi, the municipality has no resources to readjust to the SUS could not grant the increase to only one group of service providers.

State Secretary of Health proposed the establishment of a committee formed by the State Health Department, Municipal Health Department in the capital, Aparecida de Goiania and Anapolis AHEG and to discuss the adjustment with the Ministry of Health, lawmakers and state government. It stipulated a period of 90 days for the commission to present its preliminary findings and has asked doctors to resume.

The president of Copaccardio, Wilson Mendonça Junior, agreed to the creation of the commission but will meet with the workers to examine the application of return to work.

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