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Dengue: Ethics & Citizenship

* Antonieta Beatriz Lopes - Biologist, Medical Entomology course - Fiocruz.

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The concepts on these topics are often misrepresented in the name of ethics. False ethics. Some people mistakenly believe. The omission of important facts to the community on behalf of the false ethics occurs countless times. Truths are camouflaged and masked using the excuse of ethics. How strange is this ethical? The public has a right to know what is happening, so to protect themselves and their filhos.Ética is anything that involves integrity is being honest in any situation is to have the courage to admit your mistakes and decisions, be tolerant and flexible, it be humble! To be ethical, then, is to be a citizen!

The code of professional ethics, brings together a set of rules derived from ethical, often incorporated into public law. Thus, the ethical principles are replaced by operation of law, and their study is highly likely to influence, for example, in trials in which we discuss facts pertaining to professional conduct. Failure to comply with the ethical principles may result in sanctions implemented by the professional society, and temporary or permanent suspension of the right to exercise the profession. *

What is ethics: Professional ethics can be represented by the street sweeper, who cares about cleaning the outlet of rainwater, the auxiliary storehouse, that there is no moisture in place intended to put food boxes; the surgeon, who gives the sutures in the internal tissues before completing the surgery. **

What is citizenship: Citizenship is the set of rights and duties governing the life and mode of action of an individual in society. It is through citizenship that individuals can exercise their fundamental role in the development of society, fighting for better individual and collective rights, rights as essential: the right to life, liberty, property, equality and values ​​all civil, political balance and social life in society. *** When we chose our profession, we have professional duties required. For the Biologist: Bio = life and logos = study. Then the biologist studies, researches and preserves the life!

Even if you exert its functional activity outside of their training, not to say that you do not have duties and obligations to comply with it. You must have courage to take decisions - even against the opinion of others, especially when it depends on your attitude to life, whether human or animal. As a biologist, I must act according to my principles, have integrity and responsibility. As a citizen, I must exercise my citizenship so as to ensure basic rights such as the right to life, liberty, property, equality and values ​​all civil, political and social issues.

It's not what's happening today. As a biologist and researcher, I warned and suggested steps, knowing that a major outbreak of Dengue was approaching. I disagree with the actions developed in the last year in Mato Grosso has proven ineffective and never hide my concern about the situation in our city, a concern which, sadly back to confirm, with the high number of cases of Dengue.

Several cases of DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever), cases of SCD (Dengue Shock Syndrome), and the council once again, must try to repair the damage caused by inefficient work, without technical, totally lacking in vision aims to realize the mistake and change the focus.

This epidemic could have been avoided. I warned about the risk of it happening. Unfortunately, the arrogance of managers or pseudo managers today is responsible for many families mourn the death of relatives killed by a damn mosquito! Many people with dengue, scared, very scared. And rightly so! Is there a virus involved in this pathology and can be deadly! I tried in an ethical, objective exercise my citizenship, I put my work, my research available to prevent the epidemic. Even with her already in progress, still insist on how to contain their advance, increasing the number of cases.

Random collaborative efforts, rather than the media for effective action, because doing a neighborhood and let the rest of the city drifting, nothing resolves. The need to eliminate the adult insect is key! Thousands of female Aedes continue depositing eggs in various breeding places. When finished the rainy season the eggs are there, waiting for the new round of rain. And everything will resume. More dengue! And even though the rains are natural phenomena of nature, a characteristic of our state, this group that coordinates (?) The actions of vector control is surprised (with the rain starts!) And blame the rain and the population the proliferation of mosquito ...

Actually demonstrating a knowledge obtuse and confusing, a sector responsible for population health, vector control pathogenic leaves much to be desired, with the return of diseases such as leishmaniasis, malaria, Chagas, dengue and elephantiasis, which infects more and each epidemic more people. A coordinator, scarce technical expertise, in full epidemic, often suggest to families to plant citronella! Well, well ... In this case what can I say? Let's compare: This is like handing a sling to each policeman and have to tackle slum dealers! Daily accompany families where some (or all) members are with dengue. The steps taken? Indiscriminate use of pyrethroids in effect repellent, highly toxic to humans, animals and environment, and also the use of the product shown to kill cockroaches! Thus, in an ethical and social consciousness, I would suggest immediate changes in their actions to prevent more families mourn the death of loved ones

Wikipedia * ** *** Glock & Goldim (canalverdetv)

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