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Orthotanasia procedure may be legalized in Brazil soon

Project says the doctor to attend to the request for discontinuation of treatment, can not be prosecuted for manslaughter

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The Law 6715/09, the Senate, which allows terminally ill opt for suspension of the medical procedures that keep you alive is being considered in the House. The project says the doctor to attend to the request for suspension of the treatment process may not be intentional homicide. What would be configured as exclusion of unlawfulness.

The orthotanasia, medicine is the patient's decision to forego treatment to die naturally. This practice is totally euthanasia which consists in causing the death of a patient, typically by applying a lethal dose of medicine or even the suspension of food, for patients in vegetative state.

The text amends the Penal Code (Decree 2.848/40 Milk) and establishes that the exclusion was unlawful is void in case of failure of treatment to the patient. In this case, the terminal patient's situation must be certified by two doctors.

Under the proposal, in case of inability of the patient, spouse, ancestor, descendant, or sibling may make the request for discontinuation.



The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) approved in 2006, the resolution 1.805/06, which allowed orthothanasia. Doctors could limit or suspend the procedure and treatments that prolong life of patients afflicted with severe and incurable illnesses.

According to the resolution, the physician should provide the necessary care to alleviate symptoms that evasse the patient's suffering. However, the resolution was suspended by a federal court injunction at the request of federal prosecutors.

The bill authored by Senator Gerson (PMDB-ES), says orthothanasia be legalized. The practice is already done and legalized in countries like England, Japan and Canada. In the United States since 1991, there is the Self-Determination Act Patient, which ensures the patient the right to accept or refuse treatment at the time of their admission to hospital.

Source: UFRJ
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