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About 140 million women worldwide suffer genital mutilation

Data from international agencies, show that over 3 million girls can be victims of this practice

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Between 120 and 140 million women worldwide have suffered genital mutilation, and about 3 million girls remain at risk from the practice every year. This forecast was issued by UNICEF and UNFPA, UN agencies, the International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation, remembered, this Saturday, February 6.

The document reveals that progress has been made in recent years, resulting in reducing the incidence of this scourge, mainly for action and change requests from families and communities.

The United Nations Children's Fund and UN Population Fund said, however, that the practice continues to be perpetrated by some segments of society. If not subjected to mutilation, girls and their families risk to suffer social exclusion and have less chances of marriage.

The statement stresses that the consequences in the long run, violate their human rights and may endanger the health of these women and girls.

The national coordinator of the Mozambican NGO "Women and Law in Southern Africa", Terezinha da Silva, told UN Radio, Maputo, that the awareness against the practice should start in primary school.

"The citizen does not know their rights of citizenship, especially in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive right. And here we must do much work, starting in the same primary and secondary schools on human rights including the rights of the child. Sure in adulthood, victims of mutilation say it is culture, but we already see many girls in Mozambique to challenge these negative cultural practices "he said.

Authorities linked the World Health Organization, WHO, said at least 18% of genital cutting operations are done by health workers.


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