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Quality grading is discussed in Symposium on Medical Schools

The banality of the vestibular opening and quality of courses, supervision, among other subjects integrated the agenda.

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The Brazilian Medical Association (AMA), the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), the Medical School of USP and the Congressional Health promoted, on April 4, the Symposium of Medical Schools.

During the symposium were discussed topics such as indiscriminate opening of medical courses of poor quality, lack of places in residency programs, trivialization of vestibular and lack of oversight by the competent authorities affect the daily practice of medicine and endanger health citizens.

The symposium was hosted by FMUSP, São Paulo, and had the presence of important names of Brazilian medicine, leaders and representatives from major medical organizations.

According to the chairman of the BMA, José Luiz Gomes do Amaral, some are basic requirements for a qualified faculty, as openings for medical residency, inpatient units, outpatient and emergency obstetric and surgical centers, and especially body teaching staff in the medical field.

"Prevent creation of new medical courses that do not meet minimum quality criteria is considered one of the measures to ensure quality education in the country," says the chairman of the BMA.

The residency, in view of Amaral, deserves more attention. The expansion of medical knowledge in recent decades requires a corresponding increase in content and length of residency programs. Furthermore, it is necessary to review the distribution of doctors around the country, as well as places for the residence. Often, however, are reductionist proposals and expressions of outdated concepts. "

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