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Brazilian medical students complain of prejudice in Bolivia

The complaints were reported by the young to the Embassy of Brazil in La Paz and a group of deputies

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The dream of studying medicine, without facing the vestibular and affordable monthly payments, it is reality for about 6,000 Brazilian students living in Bolivia. But the dream expense claims of bias, demands for HIV tests and charging excessive fees and paperwork. For students, there is discrimination against them by the authorities and the population of Bolivia.

The students' complaints were reported by the young to the Embassy of Brazil in La Paz (administrative capital of the country) and a group of deputies. In late 2008, four parliamentary Marcondes Gadelha (PSB-SE), Claude Crook (DEM-BA), Decio Lima (PT-SC) and Raul Jungmann (PPS-PE) were in Bolivia to examine relationships between the neighboring country and Brazil, besides the situation of Brazilians.

According to authorities, the complaints were forwarded to the Bolivian government promised to take action. The complaint was considered more serious the requirement that only women students do exams every six months to see if they had the AIDS virus. The demand was made by health authorities as a means of preventing and compulsory for visa renewal.

Representatives of the Bolivian government said the presence of young Brazilians significantly affected the culture of the cities where they attach mainly Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de La Sierra (constitutional capital of the country). For Bolivians, Brazilians promote more parties than usual and have a bohemian behavior.

Also there would be complaints from residents of both cities on economic changes stimulated by the presence of Brazilians. This is because the purchasing power of young people who come to Bolivia in general is higher than the average Bolivian. For social analysts, the restrictions on Brazilian can not be seen as xenophobia, but only resistance to the new and different.

The result of the animosity, according to students, takes place by means of charging excessive fees and documents for the Bolivians. According to the university, there are situations in which the value of a particular service is charged double because the client is Brazilian. All these details were forwarded to the Brazilian authorities that the government passed on to Bolivia.

The first Brazilian students arrived in Bolivia in the 80s. They were attracted by the medical courses at low cost and without the requirement for college. To join, just be vague and that the student proves he can afford the course. In Bolivia, private universities are evaluated to a level higher than the public.

The medical school in Bolivia lasts six to seven years. The entry occurs in January and July. In general, the prices of tuition ranges from $ 95 to $ 250. There are nine universities are sought after by Brazilians: Catholic UDABOL, Ucebol, Unifranz and Uno, in Santa Cruz de La Sierra. In La Paz, the most popular is the NSLP and Cochabamba are Upali, Unitec and UNIVALLE.

To practice medicine in Brazil, the student has completed the course in Bolivia must submit their qualifications to revalidation in Brazil or regularization. The demands range from the details of the curriculum until the submission of personal documents and verification of specific knowledge.

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