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Parana should have 300 health clinics, women's and children's

To date, 59 clinics for this audience are in operation and 80 are under construction

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According to information from the SES of Parana, the state must ICICI operation of 300 Health Clinics for Women and Children by the end of 2010.

In parallel, other activities were developed to force the fall of mortality rates in the state. In 2002 the ratio of infant deaths per thousand live births was 16.7. After a series of actions taken by the state, this ratio fell to 11.9 in 2009, according to preliminary data. Since the maternal mortality rate in 2002 was 57.64 per 100 thousand live births, and in 2009, preliminary data show the ratio of 40.4.

Among the actions undertaken is the expansion of neonatal ICU beds, as well as incentives to municipalities to further increase the number of teams from the Family Health Strategy.

Together with the shares already made by the government, launched this year's Sunrise program in Parana Right to Life, which aims to reduce mortality rates in Paraná. This project consists of six steps, which are already underway and that undoubtedly contribute effectively to prevent the deaths of mothers and babies around the state, said the secretary Gilberto Martin.

To date, 59 Health Clinics for Women and Children are already in operation and 80 are under construction. The total amount invested between buildings and equipment will be $ 139 million, not counting the monthly payment of $ 8,000 for maintenance of each unit. Since the network of neonatal intensive care unit had an increase of 58%. Of 169 beds in 2003 over 1999 were made available.

Another preventive action was the expansion of the Family Health Strategy, which allowed access of the rural population to appropriate health actions, provided by trained professionals. Today there are 1,976 staff who work in every state, 61% more than in 2003 when there were 1,219. In Parana, more than 50% of the population has access to the project, which receives state monthly incentive of $ 1.2 million.

The strategy has led to quality care closer to the people, helping to treat and prevent other diseases. Doctors, nurses, dentists and community health workers attached to people closely and were able to observe your needs and advise on basic care with health and avoid future disease, stressed the head of Primary Care, Sens. Patrick.


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