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One of the greatest sights of Brazil changed its name on Thursday

The Sugar Loaf was no blue illuminated as part of the activities of the World Diabetes Day

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To remind the World Diabetes Day and alert the public about the disease dawned on Thursday (14) with a new name: Bread without Sugar.

The change, which remains for a day, a part of the campaign organized by LewLaraTBWA the institutional support of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes

For the Campaign Coordinator of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes, Márcio Krakauer, action will draw the attention of the Brazilian population and world for this disease, which continues to grow and kill people around the world. We intend it, alert the public to conduct tests and diagnose the disease early, and those who are already suffering, they make better control of their disease to thereby reduce the risk of chronic complications of diabetes.

The campaign, which includes radio, ads and guerrilla actions created by the agency LewLaraTBWA with the support of the Brazilian Society of Diabetes, the Company Path Sugar Loaf and the Secretary of Tourism of Rio de Janeiro, will be marked by the inauguration of the 14th November, at 8:30 pm at Space Guanabara Bay, at the top of Urca Hill, which has the support of authorities and celebrities suffering from this health problem. "This is an unprecedented support for the cause. I'm hoping it reaches the eyes and ears of the world," says Fadel Manir, CCO of TBWA LewLara.

To promote awareness and early diagnosis of the disease, several actions will be held throughout the day in Morro da Urca. In a kiosk, installed especially for the day, prosecutors distribute souvenirs theme with new signature tourist spot, including mugs, t-shirts and postcards, and flyers with information about the disease.

On occasion, visitors can also do a blood glucose test to measure the level of blood sugar. The exam will be done by a specialized team of Roche Brazil. Additionally, hotels, taxis and tourist agencies have changed their communication so that the tourist is taken to the "Bread without sugar."

Diabetes, a disease that now affects more than 371 million people around the world, will be the protagonist of one of the main sights of Rio de Janeiro. To alert the public about the prevention and better disease control, on November 14, World Diabetes Day, one of the biggest cards of Brazil, Pão de Açúcar, will be called bread without sugar. In Brazil, there are over 13.4 million people with diabetes.

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