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Brazilian doctor and illusionists health

Fernando Matos Weber is president of the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers).

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Fernando Matos Weber, president of the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers)
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Fernando Matos Weber, president of the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers)

The Brazilian Medicine through a period of turbulence. Never doctors were so affronted and challenged as now, when the federal government, as a magical traveling circus, takes the hat a project that intends to extend health care to the neediest residents of poor areas and small towns and distant.

Indeed, despite efforts to deny the undeniable illusionists, the program's goal is to bring more doctors to Brazil thousands of Cuban doctors, among them, the trailer, hundreds of Brazilian doctors trained in Cuba who failed to revalidate their degrees within the establishing Brazilian legislation, proving its limitations to practice medicine in the country now, with the program, the gate was wide open.

With this initiative, which will cost the public coffers filled with money from the taxpayer over half a billion dollars, the government contributes financial resources to keep the Castro regime and also work to provide itinerant Cuban doctors, who would be a smaller slice cake with this aspect abatumado.

At the origin of this situation is the neglect of successive governments to public health, always prominent in election hustings, but smothered in the offices of all stripes. The funding has been insufficient year after year, but it is clear which is great also the responsibility of managers. The mismanagement of health derives much of incompetence, amateurism, and especially of misinformation about the reality of health.

Managers, instead of looking for the real causes of chaos in which health is so simplistic and demagogic induce the Brazilian people to think that doctors are to blame for poor conditions of service. In fact, doctors are also victims, because they can not practice medicine in the most appropriate, ie, offering patients all the resources needed for a decent care.

Eager to justify the coming of overseas medical graduates without revalidation, accused the Brazilian doctor not wanting to serve in health centers in the periphery and in small towns. Conjure, however, the working conditions prevailing in these locations, the lack of security, lack of equipment and medicines, lack of tendering and also employment contracts, career planning, all compounded by very low wages. Instead, spread untruths, such as offering high salaries despised by doctors, from the people the false idea that the doctor is mercantilist.

Not lacking to comment on who, irresponsibly, Brazilian physician who is unaware of the NHS and does not meet with humanity. The fact is that in all the faculties of Medicine students immediately work with their teachers in serving public patients. Brazilian doctors know, yes, the reality and needs of patients. Whoever says otherwise shows ignorance or even malice.

Detractors of doctors pretend, still unaware that the residency is done in public hospitals and public patients. Years working in NHS hospitals, with students and residents, and assure that patients are examined and followed with great attention and care by teams of various professionals 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile, amid the chaos of health, the promotion of primary health arises as an immediate solution. Are demagogic speeches, because the primary health will only bring effective results in the long term. Thus, we must also remain focused on curative health, which is now on the verge of bankruptcy due to lack of funding, excess patients and lack of working conditions for doctors.

In recent years, with the economic situation in the country stabilized and upslope, the rulers had time to change health. Could have framed the sector, creating hospitals, regionalizing health to reduce ambulancioterapia and stocking absurd and inhuman emergencies. They could also have created a career of State for physicians, with decent wages and compatible with the technical knowledge required and the relevance of their role and social responsibility.

Had adopted the necessary measures rather than think of fancy and costly plans, the government would raise the quality of medical and health services in general steadily and permanently. There is still time. To this end, the Union must invest in health the percentage it deserves as the 29th Amendment, as shall municipalities and some states. Unfortunately, the federal government insists on not doing your part.

Source: CFM
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