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Ministry of Labor points out irregularities in the More Doctors

The interim report of the investigation was disclosed in a public hearing with the Attorney General and Ministries of Health and Education

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The interim report of the Ministry of Labour (MPT) says there is strong evidence that the shape of the More Doctors have irregularities. According to the spokesperson for the investigation of the federal program, Sebastião Caixeta, there are at least "distortion of an authentic working relationship."

The interim report of the investigation was released on Wednesday (5) in a public hearing of the MPT with the Attorney General's Office and the Ministries of Health and Education. In the evaluation of MPT, the program needs tweaking, especially in the character of service. It is important that the remuneration is not in the form of stock rather than salary, "the rapporteur said in a statement. Moreover, MPT also argues that the working relationship of Cubans should be equal to the Brazilians.

Since the program's launch in July, the relationship between doctors and the Ministry of Health has generated harsh criticism from medical organizations. Program professionals enrolled individually receive training-bag worth £ 10 000 to work in primary care in underserved regions that fail to attract doctors. They have no employment relationship with the Ministry of Health, since according to the folder, they will attend a specialization in primary care that lasts three years of the program, similar to a medical residency.

Already the Cuban physicians with 3000 professionals who are still coming to work in the second phase of the program total more than 80% of professionals More Doctors arrive in Brazil through an agreement between Brazil and Cuba, brokered by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The Brazilian government makes the payment to the PAHO and the organization transfers to Cuba, which gets part of the money. In practice, to do the same job, the Cuban doctors will earn between 25% and 40% of the Brazilians will receive.

All doctors should work for 32 hours per week and have the theoretical part of the program for eight hours weekly. Nevertheless, after two months of operation the doctors in the first step, the theoretical module of the program has not started yet. Professionals do not have an employment contract, but are entitled to 30 days of paid annual vacation, weekly holiday, maternity and paternity leave, because they pay social security

Note the MPT says that the rapporteur will continue in dialogue with the Ministry of Health and will still visit the workplaces of doctors, but he has no expectation that the argument of the folder changes its belief that there is a working relationship. "Getting to this final conviction, we will check the possibility of an adjustment term conduct Caixeta said in a statement. Event of disagreement, the possibility of the MPT enter civil suit against the program.

The civil investigation of the MPT, which is still in progress, was opened on August 28. On Tuesday, in addition to meeting with representatives of government agencies, Attorney Sebastian Caixeta also met with representatives of the Federal Council of Medicine and the National Federation of Physicians.

The Ministry of Health says it believes the legal security of the More Doctors. "The program meets all the legal rules regarding the role of professionals, based on the integration of teaching and service. Entire training process in health care requires a component, ie, the contact with the people through the modality of in-service training, as occurs in homes. Ministry of Health will clear to prosecutors that there is no incompatibility between form and bring medical care to the population, "he said in a note to folder.

The folder also stressed that all professionals involved in the More Doctors are linked to a higher education institution in Brazil, with supervised monitoring, however, according to a medical program who declined to be identified, although there was no information on the supervision and nor about when classes start.

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