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Fiocruz will produce vaccines exclusively for export

The forecast is exported 30 million doses of the vaccine against rubella and measles double from 2017

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Vaccine production at Fiocruz
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Vaccine production at Fiocruz

A partnership for the production of dual vaccine against rubella and measles exclusively for export, was announced on Monday (28) by Fiocruz. The project includes the construction of a factory for vaccines and laboratory Bio-Manguinhos/Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) in Santa Cruz, in the west of the state capital, which will cost the ministry U.S. $ 1.6 billion.

This plant will generate employment, income, knowledge, research and technological innovation here at home, moreover will require higher quality of domestic production, which will make the vaccines and other medicines Fiocruz have more quality according to the Minister of Health Alexandre Padilha.

The forecast is exported 30 million doses of vaccine from 2017, mainly to Africa, at the lower world price, $ 0.54. The announcement was made at the 9th Meeting Grand Challenges that brings together researchers from around the world at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro to discuss innovative solutions and health impact.

Partner in the project, the American foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest philanthropic foundation owned by entrepreneur Bill Gates, buy vaccines Fiocruz to donate them to poor countries. In addition, the partnership provides for the investment of $ 1.1 million from the foundation for the development and clinical trials of the vaccine.

Padilla explained that although Brazil has already eradicated rubella and measles, global demand is very strong. Approximately 150,000 people die each year worldwide victims of measles. In producing this vaccine can occupy the global market first with this vaccine and then open the door to other types of vaccines produced in Brazil, said.

Brazil currently exports different types of vaccines to 75 countries. The Health System offers 25 types of vaccines and 96% of them are of national production. The President of Fiocruz, Paulo Gadelha, explained that the new plant will quadruple vaccine production in the country.

We will increase our production capacity today is about 150 million doses of vaccines per year to 650 million doses per year, he said. The fact Fiocruz already producing MMR MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) facilitate the development of new formulation he said. But each formulation is a new vaccine and presents new challenges. So is a new product that will be fully developed with technology and national competence that will answer a central demand of the worldview. The MMR was not contemplated in the agreement, because mumps is not a fatal disease in most countries now require the dual vaccine against rubella and measles.

The president of the Global Health Program of the foundation, Trevor Mendel, explained that currently a laboratory Indian is the only producer of this type of vaccine and the partnership with Brazil is critical to achieve universal access to these vaccines. Each dose of vaccine currently costs about U.S. $ 0.57, expected to increase in the coming years.

With information from the Agency Brazil

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