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The socialization of medicine in Brazil

Antonio Celso Nunes Nassif is UFPR Doctor of Medicine and former president of the Brazilian Medical Association.

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Antonio Celso Nunes Nassif, UFPR Doctor of Medicine and former president of the Brazilian Medical Association.
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Antonio Celso Nunes Nassif, UFPR Doctor of Medicine and former president of the Brazilian Medical Association.

Blessed crisis that will join the medical profession. - Julius Sanderson Queiros

It all started when, at the time, a Minister of State for military government, when faced with strong reaction of Brazilian physicians against health policy in Brazil that wanted to deploy said categorically: we form many doctors in this country soon, they will come on their knees apply for a job at any price. And it was not just the promise. More than doubled the number of medical schools and the existing vacancies.

More recently, in 1989, when the then Governor of the State of Bahia, Nilo Coelho, ahead of a strike worthy Bahian physicians seeking adjustments to their services, arranged a collective dismissal, when asked by a journalist whether he was concerned that replied smiling. I am not. For me, doctor is like salt: white, cheap and I find anywhere.

The late Joelmir Beting, in one of his newspaper commentaries, analyzing the crisis which then undertook medical work, concluded the matter saying that the problem is not solved definitely, definitely, Brazilian doctors will soon be a dying breed . "

And in this current crisis, doctors are being achincalhados and humiliated by the government of President Dilma and his Minister of Health established a confrontation ever seen in this country, between the government and medical profession. The executive is determined to pass as a tractor over the objections of medical entities trying to take a minimum of care in relation to the preparation of physicians whose expertise depends on thousands of lives. Moreover, through the media tries to induce the public to believe that the chaos of public health is the result of the positioning of the medical profession, and that he, the government will save the country.

Thus, without considering the consequences of their attacks and targets, imposed the MP 621, design More Doctors, import professionals from other countries, especially Cuba, and most recently the intention of passing the health ministry legal competence exercised by CFM by the Regional Councils of State and the Brazilian Societies Specialties, first step to their extinctions.

The government hides shamefully true intentions, long scheduled: meet commitments with the Cuban government to provide financial resources bulky, in exchange for rental professionals trained for this purpose and no work on the Island; ensure true canvassers for the next elections required to do so under penalty of being sent back (their passports were withheld at the time of arrival in Brazil); achieve the ultimate goal which is the socialization of medicine in our country.

The media reports that the plane More Physicians predicts that hiring is expected to reach 15,450 professionals from abroad. If the reported cost is ten thousand dollars a month per physician hired for three years, that will total in the period to the tune of R $ 5,562,000,000.00 (five billion, five hundred sixty-two million dollars) only salary, outside all costs of displacement, housing, food, allowances, etc. .. for professionals and their families. (?)

The rent of these professionals, in an official document brokered by PAHO will be one of the most lucrative for the dictatorship of the Castro brothers. The total quoted earlier, 15% was for PAHO for services, and 80% of the 10,000 will be given real (so it was reported) for the same family in Cuba, banned from accompanying them that, as they say helps to Brazil to not think of deserting. Nobody knows if they are actually doctors (many probably are), but the total should be counted with the ideological infiltration within the medical contingent that now comes to Brazil.

What can a doctor do in a foreign city with no infrastructure and working conditions, and without the supervision of the Board of Medical Ethics? How will proceed with the cases of medium and high gravity without a central hospital near to service them? It is expected that medical errors grow and without the consequent prosecutions, the CRMs are unable to do so.

But the government can be sure that this crisis will eventually unite physicians around the country. While waiting to be eight thousand Cubans working in the political campaign of re-election in 2014, will find 420,000 doctors mobilized to do everything possible to prevent this wish. You wait and see!

Source: CFM
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