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The Decalogue of Cuban doctors

Isaiah Levy is director of the Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers)

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Isaiah Levy, director of the Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers)
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Isaiah Levy, director of the Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers)

I love the Brazilian people and I'm very grateful because Brazil gave me freedom, was the first country where I felt like a free man. As a Cuban doctor, my life in Cuba was simple, with a salary of $ 25 a month and no right to travel abroad. The Cuban government considers their doctors private property. These are the initial stretches of long letter forwarded to the Federal Council of Medicine by a Cuban doctor who currently resides in Miami.

The dr. Gilberto Serrano Velazco describes how integrating over Cuban medical brigades sent to Bolivia in 2006 to receive a salary of $ 100 per month and an additional $ 50 for the family - who was on the island. In 2007, he managed to go to the United States. He managed to retreat by the U.S. Consulate in Sao Paulo, after unsuccessful requests for political asylum from the Brazilian government. His wife was banned for three years by the Cuban government to travel to that country, where he has lived his parents, U.S. citizens.

But the most startling fact revealed by this doctor was the Disciplinary Regulations called Cuban Medical Cooperation in Bolivia, March 2006, which should play on all Cuban missions abroad. Divided into 11 chapters, the regulation imposes on employees internationalist norms that stand out:

- If there is any love relationship with natives, it must be informed immediately and shall be in accordance with the revolutionary thought.

- Outputs after 18h must be reported to the immediate supervisor, detailing the location, it will have fellow Cuban native or counterparty, etc..

- It is strictly forbidden to leave the country where they are working, not being allowed to cross borders, even very close.

- Only you can drink alcohol when there is any national festivity Cuban collective birthdays, farewells employees.

These are some of the commandments of the Disciplinary Rules, which we might call the Decalogue of slavery. To them following the penalties in case of non-compliance and can get to the expulsion of the mission, with immediate repatriation to Cuba, and in this case, compliance with the ten-year suspension to be reinstated to the new program abroad.

The program More Physicians government project that existed for months and was being gestated as the object of the Minister of Health campaign for governor of São Paulo, in the words of the jurist Miguel Reale Júnior in an interview with the newspaper Zero Hora, edition 22/09 , doing water by Brazilian physicians' disinterest in the face of poor conditions of service offered by the managers.

Undeterred, however, the government will pursue the goal it has set long: importing more and more Cuban brigades, whose members also soon be disappointed with the difficulties they face.

Source: CFM
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