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30% of patients seeking care plans in the private or NHS

Research commissioned by the Paulista Medical Association shows that the demand by the public grew by 50%

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Most associated with health plans in the state of São Paulo faced difficulties at the time needed the services contracted. Problems occurred in the last two years, according to research commissioned by the Institute Datafolha Associação Paulista de Medicina. The survey shows that the deterioration of the service took 30% of patients to pay for particular services or seek the Unified Health System

Compared to previous research, increased by 50% demand from the public, for lack of choice of services by means of plans. The number of insured who felt forced to seek private care increased between 2012 and 2013. Last year, 9% had made a choice, compared with 12% in this year 2013. The group appealed to the public system increased from 15% in 2012 to 22% this year.

The president of the association of physicians and the Regional Council of Medicine of São Paulo, Florisval Meinà £ o, clarified that the issue is in the structure of the private sector and not the quality of medical care. He noted that the number of beds available in Brazil ranges from two to three per thousand inhabitants as recommended by the World Health Organization is three to five. We need to create 16 000 more beds by 2016, defended.

The main complaint heard by researchers Datafolha concerns the crowded waiting room in emergency, and delay in treatment, reported by 66% of respondents. The difficulty in scheduling exams and get diagnoses reached 47% of the citations. Complaints of failures in emergency care were made by 80%. The delay to allow more complex tests or even negative was cited by 16% of respondents.

The survey was conducted with 861 people of which 422 residents in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and 439 inside. Sampling designed, it was estimated that 79% of a population of 10.4 million users, or 8.2 million had some sort of problem related to the health plan. Each reported, on average, 4.3 points of conflict.

The survey also showed that most of the members does your complaint directly to insurers if 11% of respondents. Only 2% use the Procon and 1% came to the National Health

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