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Pulsed electric fields are key to understanding the healing process

Team General Hospital Massachustts can generate skin regeneration without scarring in adult mammals

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Electric field and short-pulse high intensity is used for disinfection and destruction of solid tumors selectively damaging cell membranes while preserving the structure of the tissues. This phenomenon is used in research as a key factor in tissue regeneration without scarring.

The enigma of the scars has intrigued the human mind for thousands of years. Any organ or tissue after injury serious form a scar. The mechanisms by which there is no scar formation are known and available therapies to block scar formation is very limited.

Now, a team based at the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital discovered electric fields can destroy all the cells in the tissues of the skin, but lead to complete regeneration without scarring. These fields of electrical pulses? Strong but short selectively kill cells while preserving the structure of the extracellular matrix of the tissue, including the local blood supply. Conditions necessary for the growth of healthy tissue regeneration and functional.

According to Alexander Golberg, lead author of the study we compared this technique with thermal burns and found many different aspects of post-injury, both in terms of the extent of damage as related to dynamic recovery.

Currently, pulsed electric fields (CEP)? Are mainly used for disinfection and ablation of solid tumors. These fields selectively kill cells in tissue presumably via a mechanism called irreversible electroporation. After exposure to the fields, there are large pores in cell membranes that eventually lead to cell death.

"Previously, regeneration without scarring was only observed in early amphibian adults and fetuses in mammals, which do not have an adaptive immune response. Although mice used in this study had intact adaptive immune system, we were able to generate skin regeneration without these scars adult mammals. deeper study of this technique will help us to better understand the mechanism of healing, "says Martin L. Yarmush, part of the study.

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