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On Friday (11), about 50 prosecutors and 70 health professionals gathered to discuss integrated actions

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Foto: Prefeitura de Foz do Iguaçu
Promoteres justice and health professionals, discuss during a meeting in Foz Iguçau, actions to control dengue.
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Promoteres justice and health professionals, discuss during a meeting in Foz Iguçau, actions to control dengue.

Encounter unprecedented in the country met on Friday (11), in Foz do Iguaçu, about 50 prosecutors and 70 health professionals to discuss integrated actions to strengthen dengue control in Paraná. The event served to align the strategies that will be developed to hold municipalities, merchants and residents who do not do their part in combating dengue.

We passed the stage of structuring and planning of actions and now enter a period of implementation of policies to combat dengue. Do not want to face a new epidemic of the disease in the next summer and so we need everyone to do their part, said the State Secretary of Health, Michele Caputo Neto,

Between 2012 and 2013, 132 municipalities had dengue epidemics in Paraná. About 40% of them have faced this situation because of administrative problems in the transition after the elections. There were cities that were not agents of endemic or structure built to control dengue.

To provide support to municipalities in the restructuring of this area, the State Government VigiaSUS created the program, which has allocated more than U.S. $ 30 million to qualify the actions of health surveillance in the counties. With the resources, local governments were able to hire temporary staff, purchasing vehicles, equipment and other items to assist the work of the teams.

Caputo Neto says that from now on, lack of infrastructure should not be a problem for coping with dengue and that the state is constantly monitoring the application of resources VigiaSUS.

Numbers <b> state </ b>

This year, 132 municipalities were identified as priorities for the control of dengue in the state. They were chosen from a thorough evaluation that took into account aspects such as infestation levels of the dengue mosquito, structure and health professionals available to the area, the number of confirmed cases in recent years, further analysis of the region where the city is inserted.

The situation in these municipalities will be closely monitored by the regional teams and the technical room of the dengue situation. All information will be forwarded periodically to the Intersectoral Steering Committee for the Control of Dengue and the Ministry of Public Health

The promoter Justice Center Operational Support Defense of Public Health in Paraná, Fernanda Garcez, emphasized that this dialogue between the Health Department and prosecutors is extremely positive for the Paraná.

According to the prosecutor, this approach will allow developers to know the reality of their cities of operation and have reliable information to require local governments to comply with their obligations. The prosecution believes that every death from dengue is technically avoidable and we will monitor the performance of each municipality not to occur deaths from the disease, said the prosecutor.

Trade <b> be liable </ b>

Besides the counties, traders will also be liable if they have not plans for dengue control their establishments. The main focus of the Sanitary are strategic points, such as tire stores, junkyards and deposit recyclable materials, which have a higher risk of harboring outbreaks of dengue mosquito.

If the owner does not comply with what has been established by the Health Surveillance, he will be notified by a health violation, with penalties ranging from a warning to a fine. If the violation persists, the surveillance can refer you to other spheres, such as the prosecutor.

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