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80% of glaucoma patients seek treatment too late

Research of the Brazilian Society of Glaucoma shows that patients only seek treatment after suffering irreversible losses

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Research released by the Brazilian Society of Glaucoma (SBG) indicates that 80% of people who have glaucoma only sought the ophthalmologist after noticing changes such as loss of vision, red eye, discomfort and haze. According Lima Eduardo Francisco, president of the SBC, the disease has no cure and the damage is irreversible.

What worries us is that the vast majority of people arrive in the offices when they had losses, Lima lamented. According to SBG, glaucoma is a major cause of irreversible blindness in the world. In Brazil, there are a million people with the disease. If handled properly the patient will have stable disease, preventing progression to blindness.

The survey was conducted with 100 patients with glaucoma three teaching hospitals in São Paulo Santa Casa, and Unifesp Unicamp. The survey reveals that most individuals come to the office with a lot of visual field loss and high impact on quality of life, failing to develop activities that were once common and independent.

Among the respondents, 69% had a significantly reduced ability to read with glaucoma, 65% said that adaptation to changing environmental light to dark and vice versa is the biggest barrier caused by the disease and 50% hike became very difficult.

Glaucoma is an eye disorder inherited, progressive, degenerative mainly caused by the increased pressure in the eye which leads to optic nerve damage. Lima warns that in most cases the disease comes without symptoms, which may lead to delayed treatment for those who do not routinely tests.

The disease, which is most common after age 40, is irreversible, but can be treated with eyedrops, and even laser surgery. Blacks, who have a family history of glaucoma and those using steroids for long periods are more likely to develop the disease. For the specialist, the ideal is that after 40 all include an ophthalmologic examinations yearly routine.

Lime warning that simple measurement of the intraocular pressure for the diagnosis is inconclusive since the pressure is not constant and may be low at the time of examination. "It is necessary to also examine the fundus as it shows signs that glaucoma leaves," he warned.

According to Francisco Eduardo Lima, there is concern among experts with people who do not have vision problems, because they usually do routine exams. Who has myopia usually accompanied by a doctor, which will indicate the proper examination. The problem is people who have sight problems. When they reach 40 and have difficulty in reading, think that buying a pair of glasses will solve everything, he warned.

The eye doctor explained that there are congenital glaucoma, the test detected the little eye, and another type that can be caused by Topical corticosteroid. Many people with little eye red, allergy, go to a pharmacy and bought eye drops steroids, which needs no prescription. The drops make the itch go, he also redness. People need to be vigilant. The medicine may mask a disease and can even cause glaucoma, "he said.

To alert the public about vision care from age 40 to SBG launched the second edition of the campaign Beware glaucoma. With the motto See all days, the campaign is a general warning about the importance of vision. More details at the Glaucoma Care.

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