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Congress discusses legalization of health and maintenance of universal coverage

The topics are being discussed on the 3rd Ibero-American Health Law held at Fiocruz

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The legalization of health and the preservation of the right to universal coverage in a context of economic crisis are the main topics for discussion at the 3rd Iberoamerican Congress of Health Law, which began on Wednesday (2) and runs until Friday (4 ), the headquarters of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

The event is held simultaneously with the 2nd Brazilian Congress of Health Law and mark the 25th anniversary of the Federal Constitution and the guarantee of health as a citizen's right and duty of the State.

According to a researcher at Fiocruz and president of Ibero-American Congress, Maria Célia Delduque, the goal of the event is to discuss how the law can maintain universal health coverage. We live in unprecedented crises in Ibero-America. How the right can preserve all the achievements of social rights, especially health, and establish a limit to the economic crisis is not an excuse to cut benefits?, Asked Maria Celia.

She will submit to Congress a study on health mediation, proposing an alternative to legalization of health with the creation of cores mediators to seek resolution of conflicts within the Unified Health System (SUS). Thus it would be possible to prevent the warring parties resorted to justice.

For the representative of the Network Health Law, Health and Citizenship, Neilton Araújo de Oliveira, despite the great achievements of the universal health care system enshrined in the Constitution, there are still many challenges in the area: adequate funding of the NHS, training of health professionals in accordance with the needs of the population and more agile management sector.

Health care is a social good and at the same time, a commodity. At times this conflict weighs more toward the market. Often, governments support more incentives for health plans to the NHS, said Oliveira.

The representative of the National Council of Health Secretaries, Fernando Cupertino, stressed that one should discuss the chronic shortage of NHS financing and supporting the bill by popular initiative which obliges the Union to allocate annually a minimum of 10% of current gross revenue for health.

One of the most serious threats to the SUS is represented by market interests, which insist on presenting health as a commodity, not as a right of citizenship. There is an ambiguous involvement of the public sector and the private sector in the area of ​​health, rather than complementary, are competitors, highlighted Cupertino. For him, the logic of profit ends up making the cases more complex and costly fall on the public sector.

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