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Into the project will clarify children about disease prevention

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About 100 health professionals, including physicians and nurses, met on the afternoon of Tuesday (01) at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics Jamil Haddad (Into), in Rio de Janeiro, for the launch of the project Strengthening. The initiative aims to teach children about the importance of prevention and chronic orthopedic diseases in childhood.

The comedian Renato Aragão, godfather of the project, which for 22 years serves as an ambassador for the United Nations Foundation for Children (UNICEF), attended the launching ceremony of the project. It is also representative of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

According to pediatrician Germana Bahr, creator of Strengthen, 94 children are in line for an orthopedic surgery Into. The average waiting time is three years, which worsens the patient's health. At the apex of the disease, the child needs to be hospitalized for about 21 days to recover, and it was in idle time that the team found a space that could be used for teaching a better quality of life.

"It was in pediatrics that the idea of ​​the project. We try to use this spare time of the child in something constructive to your health. Mascots think of to give face to the project, which we call the Class Valente, and from them we developed several brochures, videos, plays with puppets and even an interactive website to teach children how to have a healthy life in ten steps, "he explained.

In this first phase, the program will act only on Strengthen Into, but the pediatrician assured that you want to expand it to other locations. "The site is available to all, and not only to patients Into. We intend to distribute future, these booklets in public schools, to race in support of child health, pediatric training to deal with children's bone scan, but rather we are seeking partners who support the program, "he said.

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