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River begins in data collection in research on rational use of medicines

Questions addressed use of medicines, access to products in the SUS, rational drug use and self-medication

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The Ministry of Health began on Monday (30) to collect data from the National Survey on Access, Use and Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs (Pnaum) in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Be heard 1,600 residents in the municipalities of Cabo Frio, Petrópolis, Resende, Rio de Janeiro, São Francisco de Itabapoana, Sao Goncalo, Sao Joao de Meriti and Nova Iguaçu.

Respondents answer questions about the use of medicines, access to products in the Unified Health System (SUS), rational use of medicines and self-medication. The information will be transmitted in real time by tablets.

The Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs, Carlos Gadelha, reported that respondents will receive a letter from the ministry of health, talking about the research. And the researcher will receive a badge from the Ministry of Health identifying him as the particpante Pnaum. "Let's let people fully informed so that they can open the door of his house to the researchers. Anyone with questions can call the phone 136 and the ministry will provide all the clarifications.

The research will be done in Brazil and is divided into two stages. The first began last Monday (23) to find out habits and determine which medications the population remains at home.

The search will cost £ 9.4 million and should be completed in July next year. Be heard 38,400 people in 245 municipalities respondents were divided by gender and educational level, are seven age groups and five different income levels. The second stage will focus on the functioning of pharmaceutical care services and administer the questionnaire in the basic health and local delivery of drugs such services. At this stage, will be heard secretaries of Health, municipal coordinators of pharmaceutical care and responsible for the distribution of medicines in pharmacies linked to SUS, and physicians.

According Gadelha, through research, we intend to draw a deeper diagnosis on the use of drugs, families that are consuming, chronic diseases and access to basic health care in the country. The goal is to learn how to improve the rational use of medicines, so consumers spend less and mainly avoid self-medication. That the drug does not become a curse, he explained.

We may have a chest x deep, vertical and comprehensive needs of very different patterns between the North, Northeast, South, Southeast and Midwest, the secretary added. He reported that last year there were over 10,000 hospitalizations because of drug use in the wrong way. With data from Vision Research, you can guide public policies for the rational use of medicines.

The survey has 11 blocks of questions to investigate, among other things, if people follow the prescriptions, if they continue in treatment and if there is variation in access to medicines as the social, economic and demographic characteristics of each. Of the total respondents, 140 have data analyzed by professors and researchers from 12 partner institutions The Ministry of Health will coordinate the work of federal universities of Rio Grande do Sul and Minas Gerais.

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