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Vitamin K is related to the blood clotting mechanism, but it has other roles, such as maintenance of bone health

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Spinach has a high concentration of vitamin K
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Spinach has a high concentration of vitamin K

The amount of vitamin K was determined for the major vegetables consumed in São Paulo, in a study conducted at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCF) of USP. The values ​​found, highlight the raw spinach (404.57 micrograms (mg) / 100 g), raw green cabbage (336.05 g/100 g) and arugula (319.20 g/100 g).

In addition to these surveys, the work done by chemical Simone Conceição Aparecida dos Santos Faria showed that daily intake of this substance, whose recommendation is 90 mg / day for women and 120 mg / day for men is 88 mg / day for young people, 98 mg / day for adults and 104 mg / day for people over 60 years. We were able to map the consumer from a food survey developed by a previous study, FHR also on the intake of vitamin K, adults and seniors account for the doctoral advisor, Professor De Vuono Marilene Camargo Hairstyle.

The thesis also compared the amounts of this vitamin found in vegetables grown in São Paulo and in the USA. While the lettuce in Brazil showed 77.79 g/100 g of vitamin K, in the U.S. it reaches 102.30 g/100 g. Cabbage grown here has 245.52 g/100 g and cultivated there, 817.00 g/100 g. Since the arugula Brazilian is richer in this vitamin: g/100 g are 259.11 against 108.60 g/100 g of America.

The research, conducted in the Department of Food and Experimental Nutrition, is part of the project of FCF for making a table Brazilian food composition. We had nothing measured on the content of vitamin K in foods Brazilian says Simone.

The deficit of this vitamin can lead to clotting problems. The classic role of the Vitamin K is related to the blood clotting mechanism, but it epidemiological studies have other roles in the body, such as account maintenance of bone health author. Furthermore, said Marilene studies have indicated the probable absence of this vitamin in people who eat constantly anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant.

National values

The data concerning the production of vegetables grown in Brazil has great importance for the work of nutritionists. The use of international data just is not adequate because the change in food compositions according to the type of soil cultivation, the amount of light received, the teacher says rainfall data.

Simone turned to a team from the Center for Research in Horticulture Company General Warehouses of São Paulo (Ceagesp). She always sought to acquire the same producers of vegetables the ten largest wholesalers with certificate - to avoid variations in the results. When this was not possible, the vegetables had to be at least planted in the same region. The development of the method of analysis and quantification of the vitamin these vegetables was carried out by high performance liquid chromatography.

The design of the Brazilian Table of Food Composition inciado was, according to the teacher Marilene in the '80s, and in 1998 published its first version. On the website, you can query values ​​for other vitamins such as A and carotenoids, besides the chemical composition of the main foods consumed in Brazil.

Source: USP
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