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Advances of the Home Care Program are presented in Bahia

The program assists patients who need specialized care and that can be done at home

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Advances, achievements and difficulties faced in the first year of operation of a project of public health in Bahia were presented at the Seminar for the Evaluation of Home Care Program (ID), held on Tuesday afternoon (3). Opening the event, representing the Secretary of State for Health, Jorge Solla, the superintendent of SAIS, Alfredo Good Luck, spoke about the importance of ID and the need to leverage all the benefits of the program, particularly regarding the eviction of beds in hospitals to assist patients who require hospitalization.

"Hospitals in the state system, in general, record occupancy rate above 100%. With home care, it becomes possible to de-hospitalization of patients early and subsequent evacuation of hospital beds to serve patients with more severe," said Good Luck, adding that the ID also promotes humane care and prevent hospital infections. The director of the Specialized Care Sesab, Ledívia Espinheira reminded that the implementation of ID in Bahia was and remains a "huge challenge", because it is a new experience in public service.

The Home Care Program assists patients who need specialized care that may be performed at home by health workers designed and trained for this purpose, care by family-oriented and monitored by the team. The program currently has 24 active teams, distributed in 11 hospitals in the cities of Bahia.



"Home care - a year of history" was the theme presented yesterday during the seminar, the coordinator of Hospital Care of Sesab, Dulce Mary Lee. According to the coordinator, despite the difficulties, "we should celebrate the positive results we could achieve so far." Dulce Mary said that in the first year of operation - between last October and October 2009 - 891 patients were enrolled in the program, and in the same period, the professionals of ID evaluated more than 2,000 patients admitted to hospitals in order to verify The profile suited for monitoring at home, without interruption of assistance needed.

The coordinator of Hospital Care also said that until the last two days, Wednesday, 178 patients were in home care, which corresponds to the number of beds in a large hospital, and said that even now, there was no record of infection hospital patients, while accompanied by the ID. Patients with wounds, mainly due to burns, pressure ulcers and postoperative neurologic sequelae and account for the greater number of consultations in the ID, which currently has 170 professionals, including physicians, nurses, technicians, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists , nutritionists and support staff.

Strengthen the Home Care Program, aiming to expand access to a larger number of patients, allowing a greater turnover of hospital beds from the state. This was one of the goals outlined by Dulce Mary, who also announced the forthcoming implementation of the program in the municipality of Guanambi and to the end of 2010, the deployment of at least one ID in each macro-region.

The purchase of ambulance for the exclusive ID in Salvador and its metropolitan area, the implementation of programmed assistance on weekends and training for professionals in the program, including treatment of wounds, dengue and emergencies, some advances have been mentioned by Mary Dulce, which highlighted to ensure access for patients in hospitals ID reference when needed, as one of the challenges of the program.


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