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Soap and water may help prevent penile cancer

SBU promotes countrywide Cancer Campaign Dick Zero, with the participation of former footballer Zico

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Material Cancer Campaign Dick Zero, with the participation of former footballer Zico
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Material Cancer Campaign Dick Zero, with the participation of former footballer Zico

Hygiene can be a simple recipe, but effective, to prevent men suffer from a disease that, in addition to incapacitate them physically annihilating can end your life in psychological terms. To prevent disease, the Brazilian Society of Urology (SBU) promotes 27-29 this month the Campaign for Cancer of the Penis Zero, in partnership with the Institute for Life Tile.

The godfather of the campaign is former soccer player Zico, current coach of Al Gharafa of Qatar, which he volunteered. Actions occur in the cities of João Pessoa, Paraíba, and Garanhuns Recife, Pernambuco, and Reriutaba Fortaleza, Ceará, and Teresina, Piauí. Next week, the cities of Bahia will be incorporated into the campaign.

According to the chairman of the SBU, Aguinaldo Nardi, the highest incidence of the tumor occurs in the North and Northeast and is associated not only with lower socioeconomic status of local populations, but also to poor hygiene and knowledge.

He reported that disadvantaged populations are the most have penile cancer. Are most excluded from the information and those that are more difficult to get to the doctor as well. In general, men live away from adequate medical facilities. ? need to improve access of the population to the urologist.

The tumor of the penis is rare, unlike prostate cancer, which has 60 000 new cases per year. However, the average 1600 annual amputation for penile cancer is considered high by the SBU. Because it is a disease that cripples much. ? a disease that kills the man in your exact design, not only in its anatomy, but in your life.

Nardi explained that penile cancer is preventable. Simply that the man has good hygiene of the genital area. That is, soapy water. Washing the penis every day, no problem to have penile cancer.

Another measure is to avoid STDs by using condoms, the condom known. ? known that HPV, which is the human papilloma virus is linked to cancer of the penis. Also recalled that the presence of phimosis, when the person can not expose the glans, that is, the head of the penis, is a risk factor for penile cancer.

Prevention should begin in childhood, recommended the chairman of the SBU. It is up to the family and parents initially and then to school, guide the boys about the procedures that should be adopted for proper hygiene. Nardi said that the disease is a social problem and education. We need to focus efforts of the whole society organized or not, and State entities, so you can take the information to the most needy. The excluded information.

? India, Egypt and some places? Africa have a higher incidence of the disease. In? India, for example, the rate is 3.32 cases per 100 000 inhabitants. The lower incidence close to zero, is found in Jews born in Israel. Aguinaldo Nardi said that in Brazil, some cities in the North and Northeast have similar incidence of? India, Egypt and? Africa.

There are few cases of the disease. We have much to do. ? that [the problem] is more concentrated in the North and Northeast than in the Southeast or the South? important that we act in those places where the incidence is as big as the countries with the highest incidence in the world.

100 urologists participating in the campaign volunteers who live in the capital cities or towns, and other specialists who are sticking through a covenant that the SBU and the Armed Forces. Are going to collaborate on patient care, information on the population and surgeries phimosis.

The campaign should be extended until the end of the year in local high incidence of penile cancer. The SBU is preparing to promote new campaign with the same goal in 2014. We will insist on this, because we know the importance of an amputation for the Brazilian.

The portal of the SBU, interested parties may ask questions about the disease. The main symptom alert is the appearance of a wound that does not heal, said Nardi. Every wound that does not heal the penis reveals importance of seeking a doctor to know what it is. It can be a cancer of the penis.

The chairman of the SBU reported that in early disease requires minor surgery. This means that there is a high possibility of cure. The sooner you make the diagnosis of cancer of the penis, the less treatment, the lower the invasion of surgical treatment.

Anyone interested in doing the urological examination, ask questions and get referrals to your case, and surgical or not, should seek the hospitals participating in the campaign. On day 27, are scheduled to attend the Integrated Medical Institute Professor Antonio Figueira, Recife, and São Marcos Hospital in Teresina. On day 28, the urologists who are part of the campaign will meet at the Municipal Hospital and St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Plaza Caldas Brandão, in João Pessoa; Hospital in Sun Moura in Garanhuns (PE), the Holy House of Mercy in Fortaleza; Hospital and Rita Valley Rego in Reriutaba (EC).

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