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In every country, CRMs analyzed 509 cases referred by More Doctors

The number represents 81% of all temporary records requests. Until this Monday, 86 records were issued

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Survey of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) shows that of the 628 applications for provisional registration sent by the Program coordinators more doctors to the Medical Board (CRMs), a total of 509 is still within the 15 days provided for the delivery of registration. This represents 81% of the volume of requests it, which in some cases were filed only at the end of last week. The files are being analyzed by 25 Regional Councils. Some of the processes have until Oct. 8 to be analyzed and completed.

Of the 119 requests whose deadline for the registration expired on September 21, 63 were provided. In addition to these processes, there are 23 situations where CRMs finalized the issuance of temporary records before the deadline. The final tally is 86 temporary records already issued to date. It is noted that the database does not have the CFM update online, meaning that this number may be even higher.

According to CRMs, the 119 requests, which should have been issued up to September 21, another 38 are awaiting solution pending registration for non-compliance with requirements laid down in Decree 8.081/2013, which regulates the registration process in CRMs. Among the problems identified are lack of information personal, professional qualification, diploma legalized (stamped in Brazil consulate in the country where it was issued). All pending issues have been communicated to the Ministry of Health

In the evaluation of the Medical Council, despite the differences between the entities and the Ministry of Health, the deadlines were met in a significant portion of the process. The number of CRMs already issued interim could even be higher if the coordination of the Program More Doctors had forwarded the dossiers without inconsistencies that require adjustments or further in advance.

According to the CRMs, responsible for the information, files of exchange students were being delivered in staggered dates. One example was what happened in Maranhao and Amazonas, where 102 applications were filed in CRMs between 9 and 23 September. Thus, the deadline set by the MP defines the documents have completed their analysis between the 24th of September and October 8th.

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